iTapping: Now on the App Store!

iTapping has been pushed up!  The app is now on the app store.  The original date of October 20 seemed too far away, so I changed the date to today.  The app is now on the appstore for $0.99, so download today!


iTapping: coming soon

iTapping, my next app to hit the appetite is almost ready to be sent out.  I’m very close to submitting it to apple and, if everything checks out, it should be on the app store by mid-October. In this game, your goal is to tap a ball on the screen as many times as you can. Simple and ingenious, iTapping will keep you entertained for hours on end.

2-in-one: Calculator and Tip Calculator is live!

Yes, my first app 2-in-one: Calculator and Tip Calculator is finally out onto the Apple Appstore! This is a free app that I made after I got tired with having a separate app for the calculator and another one for the tip calculator. This app takes both of those concepts and puts them together into one single app. This app, please note, may not look all that appealing as it is, however I have plans to release an update to add colors to it any day now. Also note that there is a slight bug with the tip calculator that says that the tip is supposed to be 5% lower than it shows it is. This will be corrected in the next update. Also in the next update, I will try to add a percentage to the regular calculator, however, it might not be ready in time.